Luc Steels lecture Feb. 3 at 4 PM

Luc Steels is Director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, head of the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris and a visiting researcher at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. He will give the lecture described below on Monday, February 3 at 4 pm in Margaret Jacks Hall, Bldg. 460, Room 126. His abstract is given below.


For more than a decade we have been doing robotic experiments to understand how language could originate in a population of embodied agents. This has resulted in various fundamental mechanisms for the self-organisation of vocabularies, the co-evolution of words and meanings, and the emergence of grammar. It has also lead to a number of technological advances in language processing technologies, in particular a new grammar formalism called Fluid Construction Grammar, that attempts to formalise and capture insights from construction grammar, and a new scheme for doing grounded semantics on robots.

This talk gives a (very brief) overview of our approach and discusses some details of the technical spin-offs that have come out of this work. The talk is illustrated with live software demos and videos of robots playing language games.