Look Who’s Talking!

Tom Wasow will be presenting at Princeton University this Thursday, October 24 on “The Do-Be Construction.”

Lauri Karttunen and Annie Zaenen will be giving two talks at the University of Edinburgh this weekend:

  • “The multiple interpretations of be lucky to VP”
  • “When you aren’t stupid you do not do stupid things: implicative uses of evaluative factive adjectives”

These presentations result from joint work with Cleo Condoravdi and Stanley Peters and their 2012 interns Miriam King Connor, Marianne Naval, Tania Rojas-Esponda, and their 2013 interns, Stuart Melton, Kenny Moran, Dasha Popova, in the Language and Natural Reasoning group at CSLI.

Stephanie Shih and Sharon Inkelas will present “Unstable surface correspondence as the source of local conspiracies” at NELS 44 at the University of Connecticut on October 18-20.

A number of current or recent Stanford linguists and affliates will present their work at EMNLP 2013 in Seattle, WA on October 18-21:

  • Sida Wang, Mengqiu Wang, Chris Manning, Percy Liang and Stefan Wager: “Feature Noising for Log-linear Structured Prediction”
  • Aju Thalappillil Scaria, Jonathan Berant, Mengqiu Wang, Peter Clark, Justin Lewis, Brittany Harding and Christopher Manning: “Learning Biological Processes with Global Constraints”
  • Richard Socher, Alex Perelygin, Jean Wu, Christopher Manning, Andrew Ng and Jason Chuang: “Recursive Models for Semantic Compositionality Over a Sentiment Treebank”
  • Will Zou, Richard Socher, Daniel Cer and Christopher Manning: “Bilingual Word Embeddings for Phrase-Based Machine Translation”
  • Valentin Spitkovsky, Hiyan Alshawi and Daniel Jurafsky: “Breaking Out of Local Optima with Count Transforms and Model Recombinations: A Study in Grammar Induction”
  • Joo-Kyung Kim and Marie-Catherine de Marneffe: “Deriving adjectival scales from continuous space word representations”