Look Who’s Talking

  • Two Stanford linguists will be giving talks at SALSA at UT Austin this weekend: Katherine Hilton is presenting Obscuring Causality in Rape Discourse: a Quantitative Analysis of Variation in Argument Structure and Samy Alim is presenting Obama’s Steez: The Racial Politics of Being Articulate While Black.
  • Rob Podesva is an invited panelist at the Workshop on Sound Change Actuation at UChicago this weekend. Alum Uriel Cohen Priva will also be giving a talk.
  • Two Stanford linguists will be presenting at the Chicago Linguistic Society next week: Vera Gribanova is co-presenting Russian prepositions and pre xes: unifying prosody and syntax with alum Lev Blumenfeld (Carleton) and Number mismatch in Bulgarian nominal coordinate structures with Boris Harizanov (UCSC), while Sam Bowman is presenting Two arguments for vowel harmony by trigger competition. Alumni Blumenfeld and Judith Tonhauser are also giving talks.