LangCog Lab meeting on Tuesday

Ally Kraus writes:

Hi everyone!

Join us Tuesday 4/16 at noon for our next meeting, where Mike and Ricardo will be doing practice talks for SRCD (Mike’s abstract below, Ricardo’s pending). We’ll be meeting in Jordan 419 at noon and lunch will be served. I’ll be ordering from Ike’s. Send me:

- sandwich name
- half or whole
- type of bread
- what toppings you’d like
- any special requests/adjustments.


Please send me your requests by Saturday at 10AM so I can place the order.

See you next week!

Developmental and postural changes in children’s visual access to faces
The faces of other people are a critical information source for young children. During early development, children undergo significant postural and locomotor development, changing from lying and sitting infants to toddlers who walk independently. We used a head-mounted camera in conjunction with a face-detection system to explore the effects of these changes on children’s visual access to their caregivers’ faces during an in-lab play session. In a cross-sectional sample of 4–20 month old children, we found substantial changes in face accessibility based on age and posture. These changes may translate into changes in the accessibility of social information during language learning.