Look Who’s Talking

Eve Clark led a workshop on the role of interaction in language acquisition at the Herman Paul School of Linguistics at the Unviersity of Basel, Switzerland (Nov. 9), and will be following up with a second workshop on Lexical Acquisition (Nov 30). She also gave a plenary talk at the University of Neuchâttel, Switzerland, at the 12th Congrès de Logopédie, November 16, on: “Conversation et Reformulations dans l’Acquisiiton du Langage”.

At the 102nd annual convention of the National Council of Teachers of English, held in Las Vegas Nov 22-25:

  • John R. Rickford, Highlights of the Bibliography on AAVE, Creole, and Other Vernacular Englishes in Education (by JRR, Julie Sweetland, Angela Rickford and Tom Grano, pub. by Routledge/NCTE 2012/2013)
  • Julie Sweetland (PhD, Lx, Stanford, 2006), “Experimental Teaching of African American students in Ohio, using Contrastive Analysis and other Methods.”
  • Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica (grad student, Educ, and PhD minor, Lx, Stanford) “Teaching communicative competence to Spanish-speaking English Language Learners.”