Fusaroli at SPLaT on Thursday

Dan Lassiter writes: The next SPLaT! will be on Thursday December 6 in the Greenberg Room (420-126), with tea and snacks at 4:15PM and the talk beginning at 4:30. The speaker is Riccardo Fusaroli (Aarhus University).

Riccardo Fusaroli: Testing models of linguistic coordination

In recent years an increasing amount of studies has investigated the idea that two heads are better than one, that is, we perform better and make more sensible decisions by putting our heads together than by working alone. But how do we get to effectively coordinate? Via the quantitative analysis of a corpus of experimentally elicited task-oriented conversations, I will contrast two models of linguistic coordination: interactive alignment and routinisation. Interactive alignment predicts that by imitating each other we become more similar, we better understand and like each other and therefore we coordinate better. Routinisation predicts that by developing interactional routines we coordinate better and that such routines are context-oriented and often require us to contribute complementary information, assume different roles, etc. These predictions will be tested at three levels: lexical, prosodic and speech/pause coordination.