Issue 2013/03/15

Trommer Colloq Today

Jochen Trommer (Leipzig) will be here this afternoon (3:30pm in the Greenberg room, to be precise) to give a colloquium. The talk is entitled “Simultaneous learning of affix meaning and segmentation” and is based on joint work with Sebastian Bank. Immediately following the colloquium will be a social, so come on out for both!

Every formal description of inflectional systems faces two intertwined analytical problems, the Subsegmentation Problem and the Meaning Assignment Problem. Thus the formal interpretation of the German present singular verb paradigm (e.g. for legen, ‘to put’: 1sg leg-e, 2sg leg-st and 3sg leg-t) depends on the meaning assigned to the involved inflectional suffix(es), but meaning assignment itself presupposes specific decisions on the subsegmentation of affix material: If -st is analyzed as an atomic suffix (e.g., Wunderlich & Fabri 2006), there are three markers -e [+1], -st [+2], -t [+3], but if -st is subanalyzed into -s and -t as in Müller (2006), -t can be assigned the more general interpretation [-1] (with the additional markers -e +1 and -s, [+2]).
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Look Who’s Talking

SemFest Monday

Stanford Semantics and Pragmatics Workshop’s “The Construction of Meaning” is hosting the 14th SemFest this Monday, March 18 in Margaret Jacks Hall, Rm 126. The festivities begin at 1pm and will continue until 5:30, and include many of our faculty and students. Come on out to learn and support them! Find all the abstracts and schedules here.