Issue 2013/02/01

Roelofsen Colloquium Postponed

Due to causes, Floris Roelofsen‘s colloquium has been postponed from today until Wednesday, Feb 13 at 4pm.

In other news and for various other causes, the Phonetics and Phonology Workshop originally not scheduled for today has remained not scheduled. The next one will be Alex Djalali on February 15th.

Grano Colloquium Tuesday

Come to the Greenberg Room at noon on Tuesday 2/5 to hear Thomas Grano (Maryland) give a colloquium entitled “Motivating a functional restructuring approach to exhaustive control”. See you there!

Landau (2000; 2004) draws a distinction between P(artial) C(ontrol) and E(xhaustive) C(ontrol): whereas PC predicates like “hope” admit a subset relation between the controller and controllee, EC predicates like “try” do not. (e.g., Kim hoped to gather at noon. [controllee = Kim and contextually salient others] vs. *Kim tried to gather at noon.) This talk explores the consequences of Cinque’s (2006) suggestion that whereas PC instantiates ‘true’ biclausal control, EC predicates realize functional heads that instantiate monoclausal raising structures. Read the rest of this entry »

Chalmers in Consciousness Talk on Tuesday

The Center for the Exploration of Consciousness (CEC) will be hosting a talk by David Chalmers (Australian National University, NYU) on Tuesday. Come to CSLI, Cordura 100 at 5pm to participate in the workshop! His talk is entitled “Panpsychism and Protopanpsychism”.