Issue 2013/01/25

Shih in P-Interest Today

Come to the Greenberg Room at noon to Skype-watch a talk by Stephanie Shih. Stephanie is giving a talk at UC Santa Cruz’s Phlunch on her joint work with our alum Rebecca Starr. Please note the unusual time.

Potowski in Sociorap Today

Sociorap is today in the Greeberg Room at 3:45. Come by to hear Kim Potowski (U of Illinois at Chicago) give a talk entitled ‘Spanish dialect contact in Chicago: Phonetic realizations by Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and “MexiRicans”’.

The talk will be followed by the Social in the Department lounge.

Studies of Spanish dialect contact in the U.S. are becoming increasingly important as the origins of its Spanish-speaking populations become more diverse. In addition to “traditional” dialect contact, in which monodialectal members of different groups come into contact with each other in a number of social spheres, an increasingly common situation is that of intrafamilial dialect contact (Potowski 2011) experienced by mixed ethnicity Latinos – that is, individuals raised by parents who each speak a different dialect of Spanish. For example, Potowski (2008) found that among 18 “MexiRicans” in Chicago, 75% of them were informally rated as sounding more like their mother’s dialect group than their father’s.
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Look Who’s Talking

Who’s representing Stanford Linguistics this week? Look no further!

  • Stephanie Shih is presenting at UC Sant Cruz’s Phlunch today! Watch her via Skype with the P-interest group at noon in Greenberg.
  • Vera Gribanova gave a talk yesterday at U of Chicago.