Issue 2012/12/14

Look Who’s Talking

  • At the COLING 2012 conference in Mumbai, Paul Kiparsky gave a plenary talk entitled “Minimum Description Length as the basis of Panini’s grammar”, and along with Gerald Penn presented a poster called “On Panini and the Generative Capacity of Contextualized Replacement Systems”. Martin Kay is the program chair for the conference.
  • Asya Pereltsvaig gave a talk last night with Martin Lewis entitled “Mismodeling Indo-European Origins: Science, the New York Times, and the Assault on Historical Linguistics”. It was so well-attended people had to sit on the floor!

Boas & Sag : Sign-Based Construction Grammar

Sesquikudos to Ivan Sag on the publication of his new book, Sign-Based Construction Grammar, (co-edited with Hans Boas), which provides an overview of the background and application of the SBCG framework!

Stanford linguists at LSA

As we immodestly pointed out in last week’s post about LSA practice talks, there will be a large number of our department colleagues and alumni at LSA 2013. As was immodestly tallied at the practice talk session the other day, current Stanford affiliations account for about 20% of the entire LSA program!

Here’s the full list of Stanford linguists (or, if we may submit an appropriately timed Hobbit-themed pun, Stanflings) who will be presenting in Boston in January:

Stanford linguists, past and present, at LSA 2012

  • Eric Acton: Gender differences in the duration of filled pauses in North American English
  • Samuel R. Bowman: Seto vowel harmony and neutral vowels (poster)
  • Thomas Brochhagen (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf), Elizabeth Coppock (U Gothenburg): Only, at least, at most, more, and less
  • Jeremy Calder: Theories of syllabification in Nuxalk: hints from text-setting
  • Jeremy Calder, Penelope Eckert, Julia Fine, Robert Podesva: The social conditioning of rhythm: the case of post-tonic lengthening
  • Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (OSU), Amber Torelli (OSU): “Bitch, I’m from Cleveland, you have the accent”: tracking enregisterment on Twitter
  • Leila Glass: Analyzing epistemic must like deontic must derives indirectness requirement
  • Jason Grafmiller: Object-Experiencer verbs as true transitive verbs (poster)
  • Alessandro Jaker (Goyatiko Language Society): Weledeh verb classes: from agglutination to fusion (poster)
  • Tom Juzek (Oxford): Comparing conventional and alternative normalisations for acceptability judgements
  • Reiko Kataoka, Meghan Sumner: Prestige effect on perceptual
    learning of fronted /u/
  • Naira Khan: Linear precedence and binding in Bangla
  • Chigusa Kurumada, Meredith Brown (U Rochester), Michael K. Tanenhaus (U Rochester): Rapid adaptation in the pragmatic interpretation of contrastive prosody
  • Seung Kyung Kim: Interaction of social categories and a linguistic variable in perception (poster)
  • Bonnie Krejci: Antireflexivization as a causativization strategy
  • Kyuwon Moon, Rebecca L. Starr (CMU), Jinsok Lee (Georgetown): The role of AAE and Anglicized Korean in the construction of authenticity in Korean Popular HipHop
  • John Rickford: discussant of Awareness and Control in Sociolinguistic Research Symposium
  • John Rickford, Jens Ludwig (U Chicago/Nat’l Bureau Econ Research): Neighborhood moves and sociolinguistic mobility in five American cities
  • Stephanie Shih: The similarity basis for consonant-tone interaction as Agreement by Correspondence
  • Robert J. Podesva, Jeremy Calder, Hsin-Chang Chen, Annette D’Onofrio, Isla Flores Bayer, Seung Kyung Kim, Janneke Van Hofwegen: The status of the California Vowel Shift in a non-coastal, non-urban community
  • Gregory Scontras (Harvard), Peter Graff (MIT), Tami Forrester (MIT), Noah D. Goodman: Context sensitivity in collective predication (poster)
  • Laura Staum Casasanto (Stony Brook), Stefan Grondelaers (Radboud U Nijmegen), Roeland van Hout (Radboud U Nijmegen), Jos J. A. van Berkum (U Utrecht), Peter Hagoort (MPI Psycholinguistics): Got Class? Language attitudes and symbolic representations of social class
  • Meghan Sumner, Reiko Kataoka: I heard you but didn’t listen: listeners encode words differently depending on a speaker’s accent
  • Marisa C. Tice, Michael C. Frank: Preschool children spontaneously anticipate turnend boundaries (poster)
  • Nyoman Udayana (UT Austin), John Beavers (UT Austin): Middle voice in Indonesian
  • Abby Walker (OSU), Christina García (OSU), Yomi Cortés (U of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez), Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (OSU): The global and local meanings of /s/ to Puerto Rican listeners/speakers (poster)
  • Abby Walker (OSU), Jane Mitsch (OSU), Shontael Wanjema (OSU), Katie Carmichael (OSU), Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (OSU): Performing gender: a sociophonetic analysis of a gender mimicry task
  • Shontael Wanjema (OSU), Katie Carmichael (OSU), Abby Walker (OSU), Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (OSU): New methods in corpus development: integrating teaching and research through in-course modules.