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Fieldwork Workshop Meeting Wednesday (11/19) at 2:30: Kaufman

Join the Fieldwork Workshop next Wednesday at 2:30 in the Ivan Sag Room, where Terrence Kaufman will speak:

Meso-America as a Linguistic Area

That Meso-America constitutes a legitimate linguistic area has been questioned. To address this question, concepts of ‘areal linguistics’ are here surveyed and refined. Proposed Meso-American areal traits are reconsidered against these findings, and are compared with those of other established linguistic areas. Mesa-America proves to be a particularly strong linguistic area. These results contribute both to the study of Meso-American languages and to an understanding of areal linguistics generally.

Berkeley Colloquium Monday (11/17) at 3:10: Srinivasan

Join the UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics as they hear from Mahesh Srinivasan (UC Berkeley) at 3:10 on Monday in 370 Dwinelle Hall.

The Development of Lexical Flexibility

A striking feature of our use of language is that we often use words flexibly, to label multiple meanings. For example, in English we can use the same word newspaper to label an object (“torn newspaper”), its intellectual content (“interesting newspaper), or its creator (“The newspaper is hiring”). In this talk, I explore how children learn to use words flexibly, and what this might tells us about the nature of lexical and conceptual development.

Bonnie Krejci and Kate Lindsey at Stanford Splash!

Bonnie and Kate both took part in Stanford Splash! last weekend, running a class on Language Myths, Language Truths for attending schoolchildren from the greater community in the area.

More information about Stanford Splash 2014 is available here.