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Orientation and welcome for new grad students Sept. 20

Don’t forget to come to the Greenberg room at 3PM on Friday September 20 for a welcome and introductions to new grad students and visitors, followed by a beginning-of-the-year party in the linguistics courtyard from 3:30-5:00.

Look who’s talking

The annual conference of the North American chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics is going on this week in Atlanta. Stanford attendees include:

  • Adam Vogel, Max Bodoia, Dan Jurafsky and Chris Potts: Emergence of Gricean Maxims from Multi-Agent Decision Theory (long paper)
  • Marta Recasens, Matthew Can and Dan Jurafsky: Same Referent, Different Words: Unsupervised Mining of Opaque Coreferent Mentions (long paper)
  • Marta Recasens, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe and Christopher Potts: The Life and Death of Discourse Entities: Identifying Singleton Mentions (short paper)
  • Richard Socher and Christopher D. Manning: Deep Learning for NLP (without Magic). (tutorial)

We neglected to announce the Stanford speakers at last month’s Manchester Phonology Meeting. Apologies!

  • Hsin-Chang Chen: Phonological variation and entailments in conditioned vowel shift: A case study of English o-fronting
  • Alex Djalali and Arto Anttila: A constructive solution to the ranking problem in Partial Order Optimality Theory
  • Sam Bowman: Two arguments for vowel harmony by trigger competition
  • Sharon Inkelas and Stephanie Shih: Contour segments and tones in phase based Agreement by Correspondence

Look Who’s Talking