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Jurfasky in New York Times and New York Magazine

The Language of Food got rave reviews in last week’s New York Times Sunday Book Review. Ever diverse in interests, Dan also had a whole “Love bites” article dedicated to his work on flirting detection in New York Magazine this week. Cool!

John Rickford and Sharese King Featured in Stanford Report

Research on bias against speakers of African American Vernacular English in the American justice system, conducted by John Rickford and Sharese King, was featured in the most recent issue of the Stanford News Report. Read about their work here!

Jurafsky media update and LSA Member Spotlight

Dan was featured in the most recent LSA Member Spotlight, sharing his thoughts on the field of linguistics, exciting applications of computational linguistics, and the services provided by the LSA. Read it here!

In recent weeks, Dan’s work on the language of food has also earned him

  • a Mother Jones article – complete with mouthwatering photos of Taco Bell’s latest foodlike creations,
  • a mention in the New York Times,
  • and a UCSD Computer Science & Engineering Colloquium invitation, where he presented “Extracting Social Meaning from Language: The Computational Linguistics of Food and the Speard of Innovation”. You can even watch a recording of the talk here.