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Tom Wasow Chosen As LSA 2015 Fellow

Tom Wasow has been selected as a LSA 2015 Fellow, joining a very distinguished list of linguists that includes current Stanford linguists Joan Bresnan, Penny Eckert, Paul Kiparsky, Stanley Peters, John Rickford, Elizabeth Traugott, Arnold Zwicky, and Beth Levin.

Congratulations and sesquikudos, Tom!

The Language of Food has Arrived!

And it’s making a splash! Click here to see the schedule for Dan’s bookstore tour.

Tour Highlights:
Sep 26, 2014 Talking at Penn
Sep 29-30, 2014 Talking at Royal Society workshop on Food and Data, Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire, UK
Oct 9, 2014 Talking at MIT

NPR And Beyond
Dan has also been a part of various radio conversations talking about his book, such as All Things Considered on NPR.

Dan and his book were also featured recently in the New York Times!.

And Dan and his book were ALSO featured in The Atlantic!.

Phew! In short, congratulations, Dan, and sesquikudos from a very proud department newsletter.

From United Hemisphere Magazine:

Rob Podesva Receives Denning Fund Grant

Rob Podesva received a grant from the The Roberta Bowman Denning Initiative For Humanities And Technology At Stanford 2014, which funds projects that promote focused attention on Humanities and Technology and that demonstrate the benefits of cross-disciplinary approaches in research and teaching.

Congrats, Rob!

Plaque and room dedication for Ivan A. Sag

Last Friday, Tom Wasow unveiled a plaque in memory of our former colleague, Ivan A. Sag, using the occasion to remind us of Ivan’s many contributions to linguistics and cognitive science at Stanford and beyond. Visit what is now the Ivan A. Sag Room (Margaret Jacks Hall Room 127B) to see and read the plaque.

Dan Jurafsky to be Charles Fillmore Professor at LSA 2015

Dan Jurafsky has been approved as the Charles Fillmore Professor at the 2015 Institute, pursuant to terms of the generous bequest made by our late colleague’s widow, Lily Wong Fillmore. He will be the inaugural holder of the position.

Congratulations, Dan!

Look Who’s Talking!

At AFLA 21 in Honolulu today and tomorrow,

  • James Collins presents “Marking Uncertainty in Illokano Free Relatives”
  • Stephanie Shih presents ”Predicting variable adjective-noun word order in Tagalog”

Not a bad location! Further news, in case you got into academia for the paid trips to really cool places: several Stanford linguists will be presenting at LREC 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland from May 26-31.

  • Heeyoung Lee, Mihai Surdeanu, Bill MacCartney and Dan Jurafsky: “On the Importance of Text Analysis for Stock Price Prediction”
  • Kevin Reschke, Martin Jankowiak, Mihai Surdeanu, Christopher Manning and Dan Jurafsky: “Event Extraction Using Distant Supervision”
  • Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Natalia Silveira, Timothy Dozat and Christopher D. Manning will be presenting on “Universal Stanford dependencies: A cross-linguistic typology”
  • Natalia Silveira, Timothy Dozat, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, John Bauer, Samuel Bowman and Chris Manning: “A Gold Standard Dependency Corpus for English”

Alum Uriel Cohen Priva will present ”Informativity licenses word-final lention” at Sound Change in Interacting Human Systems 3 at UC Berkeley from May 28-31.