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Linguistic Levity

Your favorite part of Friday… the Sesquipedalian humidor is back! Here are a few ambiguous headlines to keep you chuckling:

1. … about a man charged with killing his attacker (COURT TO TRY BEATING VICTIM)
2. … about a protest (MARCH PLANNED FOR AUGUST)
3. … about school closings (TEACHER STRIKES IDLE KIDS)
4. … about a California drug bust (FEDS DISCOVER CRACK IN LA)
5. … about a vagrancy statistic (CITYS HOMELESS CUT IN HALF)
6. … about attorneys’ pro bono work (LAWYERS GIVE POOR ADVICE)
7. … about a stolen Stradivarius (MAN GETS YEAR IN VIOLIN CASE)

Note to Readers!

We at the Sesquipedistaff are dependent on our dear readers for news and announcements. If you know of some news item (perhaps about yourself…), or of something going on, or if you have pictures or opinions you’d like to see in sesquipediprint, just let us know at! And if you have an event to announce, please don’t just rely on email. Always notify the Sesquipedalian by Thursday at 6PM to guarantee that everyone who might be interested in your event will know about it!

Final Sesquip of the Term

This is the final newsletter of the winter term, and it’s also the final newsletter of Acting Sesquipeditor Chris Potts. Please keep the news coming to . Spring will see the return of intrepid Pseudosesquipeditor Richard Futrell and Sesquipeditor in Absentia Ivan Sag.