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Linguistic Levity

Your favorite part of Friday… the Sesquipedalian humidor is back! Here are a few ambiguous headlines to keep you chuckling:

1. … about a man charged with killing his attacker (COURT TO TRY BEATING VICTIM)
2. … about a protest (MARCH PLANNED FOR AUGUST)
3. … about school closings (TEACHER STRIKES IDLE KIDS)
4. … about a California drug bust (FEDS DISCOVER CRACK IN LA)
5. … about a vagrancy statistic (CITYS HOMELESS CUT IN HALF)
6. … about attorneys’ pro bono work (LAWYERS GIVE POOR ADVICE)
7. … about a stolen Stradivarius (MAN GETS YEAR IN VIOLIN CASE)

Note to Readers!

We at the Sesquipedistaff are dependent on our dear readers for news and announcements. If you know of some news item (perhaps about yourself…), or of something going on, or if you have pictures or opinions you’d like to see in sesquipediprint, just let us know at! And if you have an event to announce, please don’t just rely on email. Always notify the Sesquipedalian by Thursday at 6PM to guarantee that everyone who might be interested in your event will know about it!

Final Sesquip of the Term

This is the final newsletter of the winter term, and it’s also the final newsletter of Acting Sesquipeditor Chris Potts. Please keep the news coming to . Spring will see the return of intrepid Pseudosesquipeditor Richard Futrell and Sesquipeditor in Absentia Ivan Sag.

Thank you, Richard!

Richard Futrell resigns his position as Pseudosesquipeditor today — he is moving on to other countries (China) and other projects. Richard joined the Sesquipedalian in the fall of 2007, as Assistant Editor. He served briefly as Government Censor in April 2009, and was “promoted” to Pseudosesquipeditor in May 2009. In truth, he has played an essential role in all aspects of production — original reporting, technical issues, good jokes and bad. He will be sorely missed around the Sesqui Newsroom.

A huge thanks to you, Richard, and please keep us posted on your adventures!

Department Website Redone!

If you have pointed your internet navigation software at recently you will have noticed that the whole thing is stunningly redesigned, with up-to-date events and a picture of the Quad that seems to be taken from the Bender Room. Congratulations and thanks, everyone involved!

The Original Stanford Linguistics Newsletter

Alyssa Ferree unearthened a few early 1980s Stanford Linguistics newsletters, News From Linguistics:

Cover of News from Linguistics, Jan 1982 Cover of News from Linguistics, May 1983 Cover of News from Linguistics, July 1984

Check ‘em out. You too can welcome new arrivals Bresnan, Kiparsky, and Peters, celebrate the birth of CSLI, and thank Tom for becoming Department Chair.

Malapropisms in the Sesquipedalian?

We would like to analogize for a strange linguistic mistake we made in last week’s newsletter. It seems that we printed ‘adjoins’ instead of the phonologically similar ‘adjourns’ in reference to a party, and caught the intention of our own Arnold Zwicky, who wrote us up on his blog. Accordingly, the entire staff will undergo thorough mental examination and thought-reform in order to correct any possible further mistakes in our lexicons.

Read all about it here!

Sesquipedalian Weblogified

We have migrated The New Sesquipedalian to WordPress. This should make it easier to dig up old jokes, find out who’s presenting what where, and just generally keep tabs on the department.

The back issues are all here, and you can henceforth follow us via your RSS reader: The Subscribe link is at the top of the page (and also here, (and earlier in this sentence)).

There are bound to be bugs and stylistic blunders. Please send reports and tips to Chris Potts.