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Former Stanford Ling Undergrads Receive NSF Fellowships

Isaac Bleaman and Cybelle Smith, both former linguistic majors at Stanford, were recently awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships.


Chris Manning Elected ACM Fellow

Chris Manning has been elected a fellow of The Association for Computing Machinery “for contributions to natural language processing research and education.” You can read all about it here.

Congratulations, Chris!

Seung Kyung Kim Receives GRO Award

Seung Kyung Kim has been awarded the Graduate Research Opportunity (GRO) Award from the School of Humanities and Sciences.

Congratulations, Seung Kyung!

Former Stanford Linguists among recipients of LSA 2013 Best Paper Award

Judith Tonhauser, David Beaver, Craige Roberts, and Mandy Simons have won the LSA’s Best Paper in Language award for their March 2013 paper Toward a taxonomy of projective content. Check it out!

Lauren Hall-Lew and Katie Drager papers among “Top 10 of 2013″

Former student Lauren Hall-Lew and visiting scholar Katie Drager have authored papers included among English Language and Linguistics‘ “Top 10 of 2013″. As a bonus, you can find the announcement and their papers here.

Ron Kaplan Receives Honorary Doctorate

Consulting Professor Ron Kaplan, Senior Director at Nuance Communications, has been awarded an honorary doctorate from University of Copenhagen, in recognition of his contributions to theoretical linguistics, computational linguistics, and applications of language technology. Read more about it here.

Congratulations, Ron!

John Rickford Chosen to be LSA VP/President-Elect

Professor John Rickford was officially elected to the position of Vice President/President-Elect of the Linguistic Society of America as the result of a recently finalized voting of the LSA Nominating Committee. You can read the LSA’s biography of John here.

Congratulations, John!