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Look Who’s Talking!

We already announced the large crop of Stanford presentations at NWAV 43 this week, but we missed one important piece (sorry John!):

  • John Rickford will be speaking as part of a tribute to Walt Wolfram on the occasion of Wolfram winning North Carolina’s highest civilian honor, the North Carolina Medal.

Lelia Glass will present “Corpus evidence for systematicity in compounds” (joint work with Beth Levin and Dan Jurafsky) at the Berkeley Syntax Circle on October 31.

Dan Jurafsky will present “Macaroon, Macaron, Macaroni: The Secret Language of Food” at the Gunn-SIEPR Building today from 3:15 to 4:15 as part of the Reunion Homecoming Festivities.

Vera Gribanova will present “Discourse-driven head movement, VSO and ellipsis in Russian” at NELS 45 at MIT on Oct. 31-Nov. 2.

Look Who’s Talking!

Tania Rojas-Esponda presented to the Artificial Intelligence Research group at Facebook, to the QiD Workshop in Goettingen (University of Potsdam), and gave a talk at Google to the Machine Learning Group this week.

Nicholas Moores gave a talk at Bing Nursery School on his masters thesis work, Children’s Learned Associations with Voice: Perspectives on Children’s Speech Perception in Language Acquisition.

Loads of Stanford linguists will be presenting at NWAV 43 next week at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

  • Teresa Pratt and Annette D’Onofrio will present “Awareness in enregisterment: Performances of the California Vowel Shift in SNL’s The Californians“.
  • Robert Podesva, Penny Eckert, Julia Fine, Katherine Hilton, Sunwoo Jeong, and Sharese King will present “Social Influences on the Degree of Stop Voicing in Inland California”.
  • Penny Eckert will present “Stylistic Innovation and Indexical Obsolescence”.
  • Lelia Glass will present on “Need to vs. have to and got to: A corpus study in semantic variation”.
  • Jeremy Calder will present on “‘Let’s talk about Reading!’: The role of rhythm in drag queen ritual insult“.
  • Annette D’Onofrio will present on “Persona-based information and automatic linguistic perception: Evidence from TRAP-backing”.
  • Patrick Callier will present on “What does the linguistic environment contribute to social meaning?”.

Look Who’s Talking!

Eve V. Clark is giving the plenary talk “Variation and Experience in First Language Acquisition” at the conference Diferencias Individuales en la adquisicion del lenguaje, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, Mexico City on Thursday, October 9.

Vera Gribanova presented “On certain manifestations of polarity focus in Russian” at the LRC Workshop on Syntax and Information Structure.

Andrea Beltrama will present at the Berkeley Syntax Circle next Friday, October 17th.

Dan Jurafsky will present on Extracting Social Meaning from Language: The Computational Linguistics of Food and the Spread of Innovation at MIT’s CSAIL Thursday, October 9th.

VPUE Undergraduate Intern Presentations Today (10/3) at 3:30!

Come hear from our undergraduate VPUE interns as they present their summer research projects today in the Greenberg Room. The presentations start at 3:30, with detailed schedule below.

3:30pm Yesid Castro and Som Mai Nguyen: “Effects of talker variability and reported talker traits”

3:50pm Kayland Harrison and Breanna Williams: “Post vocalic r-retention in reading by African Americans in the Moving to Opportunity Corpus”

4:10pm Jonathan Engel “Crowd Sourcing Meaning: Statements With Evaluative Adjectives”

Look Who’s Talking!

Boris Harizanov gave a talk on “Denominal adjectives in Bulgarian and the syntax-morphophonology interface” at the UC Berkeley Syntax Circle last Friday.

Masoud Jasbi will present “Definiteness, Specificity, or Topicality: The Semantics of Differential Object Marking in Persian” at the UC Berkeley Syntax Circle this afternoon.

Next week Dan Lassiter will give a University of Rochester Cognitive Science Colloquium and will speak at the Universals Workshop at Harvard, both times on “Epistemic adjectives: Lexical semantics meets psychology of reasoning”.

VPUE Undergraduate Intern Presentations Friday (10/3)

Come hear from our undergraduate VPUE interns as they present on their summer research projects next Friday in the Greenberg Room. More info to come soon!