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Colloquium Next Friday (10/31) at 3:30PM: Campbell-Kibler

Our next colloquium speaker will be Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (Ohio State), at 3:30PM on Wed, Oct 31 in the Greenberg room.

Reducing sociolinguistic cognition to previously unsolved problems

More than half a century of research in language variation and related fields has documented speakers’ ability to alter small details of their speech to conform to or agentively change the social elements of an interaction. Likewise, listeners are able to note these speech patterns and use them to form or change their social reading of a situation. These abilities apply both to linguistic forms speakers can verbally describe or even manipulate on command, and to those they cannot. In this talk I discuss the cognitive structures necessary to accomplish these feats. I consider the history of the sociolinguistic monitor, variation’s most developed model, and discuss its shortcomings in light of current evidence. I propose that sociolinguistic cognition requires no specialized cognitive machinery, rather its patterns are explainable by independently motivated structures of linguistic and social cognition and their interactions. Given that linguistic and social processing are both as yet not fully understood, the study of sociolinguistic cognition can help illuminate their structure by examining their interactions. To do so successfully, both the linguistic and the social must be centered.

Meaningful Lunch Tuesday (9/30) at 11:45 AM

Everyone with an interest in semantics is invited to Meaningful Lunch — an intermittent informal lunch meeting for all those at Stanford working on or interested in the study of natural language meaning, broadly construed!

The main purpose of these lunches is to keep everyone informed about current or nascent semantic-y research that is going on, scout out possibilities for collaboration, learn about plans of semantics-related events for the academic year, and generally have a good time in the company of your fellow meaning-folks.

This quarter’s lunch will take place on Tuesday, September 30, from 11:45am-12:50pm in Room 126 on the ground floor of Margaret Jacks Hall. Lunch will be provided.

Do come for some or all of that time!

Last Sesquip of The Year!

We’ll be seeing you again in the fall — thanks for reading, and don’t forget to send all your stories, jokes, and tidbits to!

To close the year out right, here’s a comic courtesy of MSU Linguistics: