LSA practice talks rescheduled for Monday Dec. 15

We have a large number of student talks at the upcoming LSA annual meeting. We had one practice talk session on Wednesday, but Thursday’s scheduled talks were canceled due to inclement weather. Please join us for a makeup session on Monday December 15, 10AM-12:30PM in the Greenberg Room. 

  • Robin Melnick On the Time-Course of Discourse Linking: Experiments with Wh-In-Situ Islands
  • Robin Melnick and Eric Acton Function Words, Opposition, and Power: A socio-pragmatic “deep” corpus study
  • Kevin McGowan and Meghan Sumner A Phonetic Explanation for the Usefulness of Within-Category Variation
  • Prerna Nadathur Towards an Explanatory Account of Conditional Perfection
  • Masoud Jasbi The Semantics of Differential Object Marking in Persian


Jurfasky in New York Times and New York Magazine

The Language of Food got rave reviews in last week’s New York Times Sunday Book Review. Ever diverse in interests, Dan also had a whole “Love bites” article dedicated to his work on flirting detection in New York Magazine this week. Cool!

Linguistics apps for fun and profit

Online Linguistics tools are getting better all the time. Here are two new ones worth knowing about:

 The Great Language Game: test how good you are at distinguishing languages after listening to short samples of them.

US Dialect App: iPhone app (also works on iPads). By Bert Vaux, and based on his New York Times dialect survey that went viral a while back. Answer questions about your lexical choice and pronunciation and it will try to place you on a map. You get to watch the heat map update in real time as it improves guesses based on your answer. Interesting to learn about high-entropy points of dialect variation, and your responses help improve the system.

(via Will Leben and Bert Vaux)